About that Silly “There Are No Good Trading Books” Argument

Traders who are considered successful are often asked the question – “What Trading books do you recommend?”. I am often stunned to hear some of them saying that there are no good trading books.

The reasoning that there are no useful trading books is ridiculous. It comes from people who don’t have the patience, the time, or the skills to create a good book – it takes hundreds of hours of dedicated deep work. The difference between writing and reading a book is the difference between growing and eating an apple.

“If it is that good why are you sharing it” is the silliest argument. Writing a book about any subject makes you think long and deeply about it. It encourages and requires you to experiment, read, compare, study, write. At the end of the process, you learn a lot more about yourself and about the subject.

The statement that “no trader will share a working method” doesn’t hold water. It is one thing to read about a subject and completely different to be able to practice it properly. Watching a Bruce Lee movie doesn’t make you a martial arts expert. Knowing what it takes to get in a great shape (proper diet and exercise), doesn’t mean that it is easy to achieve it.

If you are too lazy to learn from other people’s perspectives, nothing is going to change your mind.