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The purpose of swing trading is to compound our returns quickly by capturing hundreds of 5% to 20% short-term moves in a year while keeping our drawdown small.

When we apply an options filter on top of swing trading, its purpose becomes trying to capture hundreds of 100%-1000% short-term gains while risking 0.5% to 2% of our capital on every single one of them. Obviously, about half of them will be losers. When it comes to short-term calls or puts, the risk is often the entire premium.

Whether your goal is to become a full-time trader or you would like to make a reliable second income each month, we offer all the tools and education you need to become consistently profitable and develop your own swing trade approach. Learn how to regularly find and profit from high-probability swing setups. We’ll help you learn how to decide with confidence when to keep riding them and when to get off to maximize your profits.

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