Educational Corner

Trading Earnings

How to trade earnings

Trading earnings intraday example – GRWG

Trading earnings intraday – another approach

Two types of short-term earnings setups

How to play earnings gaps – entries and exits

Earnings gaps in a bullish vs bearish tape

Three different ways to play earnings

How to trade Day 2 earnings setups


Video – The essence of trading psychology

Video – What is momentum and how to trade it

Trading Momentum

Industry momentum

How to trade high-volume setups

Trading range contractions

Tactics on trading range contractions

Two types of short-term anticipation setups

A simple way to find the current momentum leaders in the market

How to find good short-term swings

How to find a stock likely to trend intraday

The setups that make the biggest swing moves

What are the biggest challenges of a rising market and how can we approach them

Simple breakout scan

Buying on dips

Market Timing

Using NASI and its 20dma

Bear Markets

How to find and trade short ideas

How to approach choppy, corrective markets: part1, part2, part 3

How to approach a choppy, corrective tape within a bull market

Big gaps in a bear market vs big gaps in a bull market

How to spot market bottoms

How to play potential market bottoms

What to know about big corrections

What to buy after a bear market is over

Managing Risk

Two ways to manage risk via position sizing

About correct position sizing

The difference between swing and position trading

How I use options

How to become a better trader exercise

Three skill levels for traders

How to approach reversal setups

Why pay attention to huge-volume breakouts

How manage/exit trades