Momentum Monday – Trading In A Range-bound Market

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SPY is still locked in a range. 280 which coincides with its 200-day moving average seems like a short-term support. 290-295 is a short-term resistance. Last week, the index finished below its 10, 20, and 50-day moving averages again. Until it closes above 295, all long setups need to be held on a short leash – take partial profits often.

Keep in mind that the market indexes are lagging indicators. We are likely to see strong breakouts in individual stocks before SPY goes back above its 50-day moving average.

If 280 doesn’t hold, the next potential support is near 260.

Sentiment is what drives prices in a short-term perspective but it is always good to have a clue about the macro background. Interest rates around the world continue to be extremely low, even negative – mostly because central banks are highly accommodative. Many companies are still reporting strong earnings and are relatively optimistic about the future. A potential lack of a trade deal with China has probably been at least partially discounted because the it is a theme that has been in the headlines for almost a year. These are all major factors that should turn any 10-20% corrections into a buying opportunity.

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