Dr. Brett Steenbarger On How To Become A Better Trader

Brett Steenbarger is one of the most consistent and prolific financial writers, who is also a trader. I highly recommend following his blog TraderFeed and reading his books on trading psychology. Here’s a recent take of his on one way to develop your trading/investing acumen:

Find the people who most consistently come up with the most original and useful observations and ideas, study their thought processes (how they’re generating those ideas), replicate those ways of thinking for yourself, and take the time to begin thinking like them.  Imagine doing that across many virtual mentors over time so that you begin to integrate the best thinking of the best people.  That is how imitation turns into innovation.  

Take a look at who you’re following in social media.  If you’re spending much time reading material from those you don’t want to internalize, you’ll wind up with little cumulative development.  A great exercise would be to curate the $STUDY stream of StockTwits and immerse yourself in the educational offerings of only those you’d like to emulate.  

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