The StockTwits Edge is Here

I finally received the first hard copy of The StockTwits Edge and I can tell you that it looks amazing. Big format, 350 pages of high quality content, focused on the real HOW and WHY in the market; filled with over 100 great looking charts, figures and tables; featuring battle-tested setups for different asset classes and time frames from some of the most prominent figures of the financial web.

It feels good to see the end result of 6 months relentless labor that I, Phil and Howard shared.

Big thank you to all the awesome contributors, who shared in details their hard-earned approaches on the pages of the book. There is something to learn from everyone.

Big thank you to all the folks form Wiley – Kevin, Megan, Mary, Simone, Cristin, who did a ton of work behind the scenes.

Big thank you to Howard Lindzon who took a huge leap of faith in trusting me with managing this project.

If you are interested in more information about this book, you could visit its website or ask me

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