The Golden Rule

10% of your trades will account for 90% of your profits

1 or 2 months will account for most of your annual profits

1 or 2 days will account for most of your monthly profits

Good investors and traders know that very well. They are ready to press extra hard when realize that they might have a home run in play. They are ready to disappear in 60 seconds when things don’t go as planned.

Gio from IBC knows that rule very well and he pressed on his GMCR investment to achieve 190% return.

Dennis Gartman knows that The Golden Rule is what distinguishes smart from not so smart money:

We’ve learned one good lesson from that one trade, and that is that we only get one or two or perhaps three good ideas each year that work. So, when they work, it is our duty to beat them into submission; to add to them when we can; to embrace them as they insulate themselves from random market noise, and to use them to make up for the myriad numbers of truly idiotic ideasĀ  we are capable of coming up with, keeping those losses small.

Sometimes one good opportunity could turn your life upside down.