Momentum Monday – Covid Is Still Running Financial Markets

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The market has been telegraphing the Covid threat for the past three weeks. The recent acceleration in big tech stocks’ ascent and the decimation of the so-called reopening industries have been clear signs and we often talked about them here. What we saw on Friday was something different. It was a panic. There is a new significant mutation of Covid and we know very little about it yet – is it more transmissible, is it more deadly, how efficient are vaccines against it. When things become clearer, the market will calm down. Until then, we might see more widespread weakness. 

At some point, the smart market participants will realize that there’s still plenty of liquidity in the market and an accommodating Fed. All that money is not going to sit idle on the sidelines. It will rotate somewhere. That somewhere can be vaccine stocks – they have proven to be effective, the same technology can be used to quickly produce a version that will deal with any mutation, and it seems the world might need an annual booster shot for the next couple of years. Or enough people will realize that the virus mutations and lockdowns will accelerate “the work and play from home” trend which will benefit the companies that are building the metaverse – U, RBLX, NVDA, FB, MANA, etc. Or what if Pfizer’s antiviral drug turns out to be very efficient against any of the virus mutations – in this case, all the so-called reopening stocks will have a major rally. In other words, after the panic subsides, money will rotate somewhere and very quickly.

In the meantime, the clean-tech space is holding relatively well. Look at the major EV stocks. Most gained ground last week, even the Chinese ones.

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