Three Highly-Shorted Stocks Near Their 52-week Highs – IIPR, TREE, and JKS

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A large short interest and a 52-week high can be an explosive combination. Any share that has ever been sold short will eventually be covered. It can be covered voluntarily as the short sellers are taking profits or it can be covered involuntarily as short sellers are forced to cover losses.

Here are three stocks trading near their 52-week highs while more than 20% of their float is short:

IIPR – cannabis-related REIT

TREE – lending services

JKS – solar panels

Bonus: ZM and BYND raised earnings estimates and are trading near their all-time highs while having a large short interest. In addition, both of them are recent IPOs, which means they have a relatively small float. This is an explosive combination. Both are candidates for a short squeeze on Friday.

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