Nike and Under Armour Continue to Dominate The Athletic Apparel World

  • Posted by on September 26th, 2014 at 11:28 am

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Nike ($NKE) IPO-ed in 1980 by raising $5 million from the public. Today, some startups raise more money in their seed stage. $10,000 invested in Nike on its first trading day, is worth $2.56 million today.

$10,000 invested in Under Armour ($UA) on its first trading day in 2005, is worth $100k today.

Both companies make fantastic products that we all love to wear. One major difference between the two is that Nike is a well-known international brand, which derives 53% of its revenue outside of North America. Under Armour is still a brand for local consumption. 94% of its sales come from North America. If it ever catches up with Nike internationally, we might see a repetition of Nike’s long-term success.

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