"This time is different"

The longer a given condition or trend persist and the more comfortable we get with it, the more dramatic the correction will be when the trend fails. This does not mean that you should try to catch tops or bottoms. Only fools believe that they can be consistently lucky in fading established trends. But when a trend ends, prices often overshoot in the opposite direction.

The crowd may be stupid, but they are stronger than you. Crowds have the power to create trends. Never fade a trend. If the trend is up, you should be long or on the sidelines. Never sell short, because “prices are too high” – never argue with the crowd. You don’t have to run with it – but you should never run against it.

The most expensive 4 words in the world are “This time is different”. The underlying reasons might be different, but the psychology behind all booms and busts is always the same.