Guns, Gold and Swiss Francs at the All-Time High List

Other than the usual suspects $AAPL and $BIDU (which just crushed earnings estimates again), the all-time high list is populated with some interesting names.

The Swiss cows have become 30% more expensive than the American cows over the past 2 years. There are rumors that the Swiss marmots want to retire and receive their pensions in the U.S.

$GLD keeps surging as debt ceiling talks in U.S. have turned into a soap opera. Sometimes pictures are stronger than words. See a quarterly chart of $GLD since its inception.

$RGR is not technically at all-time high, but 15-year high has similar meaning from psychological perspective.

With guns, gold and the Swiss Franc at record levels, the market doesn’t really provide a vote of confidence in the world economy. Thankfully, the stock market and the economy can go in separate directions for an extended period of time and renting stocks is not illegal.