Industry Relative Strength

Industry group 1 month performance
Building – Residential 19.70%
Finance – Consumer loans 12.50%
Retail – Apparel Shoes 12.30%
Banks – major regional 11.30%
Banks – southwest 11.20%
Oil – US exploration -23.30%
Oil Field Machinery EQ -26.60%
Machinery – Electrical -27.20%
Steel – Producers -29.70%
Coal -65.57%
Money continues to slowly flow out of stocks. The one month
RS rank is occupied by members of the retail and financial
sectors. For first week since middle of July, they experienced
stronger selling pressure.
The usual suspects at the bottom (commodity related industries)
finished the week lower, despite showing some resilience as the
weekend approached. The small bounce in Thursday and Friday
is most likely due to short covering than a consequence of
renewed funds’ long interest.
Market’s weakness is spreading slowly in all directions and there
are fewer places to hide. If you are a retail investor, flexibility is
your biggest weapon. There are no good or bad stocks, only
good or bad trades.