Industry Relative Strength

Industry group 1 month performance
Building – Residential 19.40%
Retail – Apparel shoes 15%
Retail – Wsale Auto 11.30%
Finance – SBIC Commercial 10.30%
Finance – Consumer Loans 10.10%
Mining – Silver -18%
Oil Field Machinery EQ -18.80%
Food – Meat Products -21%
Steel – Producers -29.50%
Coals -37.70%
The group “Building – Residential” scored third consecutive week of gains and continues to top the list of monthly RS. The Retail – Apparel, shoes group is in strong uptrend since the middle of July and climbed to second position. Last week brought 2 financial industry groups at the top. Both are advancing in good temp since the middle of July. Medical groups, which dominated the list during the last month had bad week and only one (Medical – Hospitals) managed to stay in top 10.
Looking at the bottom of the list, nothing changed. The same industry groups experienced even bigger correction.

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