Momentum Monday – More Reasons To Be Bullish

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Apple is 9% away from a trillion dollar market cap. The Nasdaq 100 is back above its 50-day moving averages. Momentum stocks are breaking out. We go over BIDU, SHOP, BZUN, NFLX, DIS and many others.

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One Sign That Consumer Confidence Is Near All-time Highs

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One anecdotal evidence that the U.S. economy is booming and consumer confidence is near all-time highs is the price action in MBUU, which makes sports boats.

I’ve been told that everything that moves should be leased and not bought, but this is not what many people are doing. Malibu Boats just reported the best quarter in their history. MarketSmith shows earnings and sales both grew 82% on a quarter-over-quarter basis, which is a significant acceleration compared to previous quarters. The market loved the results and sent MBUU’s stock 20% higher to new all-time highs. 1.1 million shares changed hands today, which was the second biggest volume in Malibu Boats’ price history.

People don’t buy sports boats because their business or family is growing. They buy boats when they have plenty of discretionary income to spend and feel confident about their future income.

The Most Shorted Stocks Currently In The Market – April 11

The stocks below have a very high short interest – over 20% of their float is short. They are close to their 52-week highs and have built a small base, which might turn into a launching pad for higher prices. Short sellers always sound smart, but they are often early and become victims to a short-squeeze – a process that rapidly rising prices that forces short-sellers to cover their bets, which adds more fuel to the upside momentum.

A Dozen Things I Believe About the Stock Market

  1. The stock market is an opportunity machine. Times change, gas prices change, fashion changes, regulations change, but there are always companies that find a way to monetize on an ongoing social and business trend and make their investors rich. The only things that change on Wall Street are the names of the winning and losing stocks.
  2. There is always a silver lining. One company’s rising costs are another company’s rising revenues and the market usually does a good job identifying the winners and the losers. Money never sleeps. There is always a trend somewhere.
  3. Simple is better. Complexity is the enemy of execution, great returns, and good lifestyle.
  4. Trends exist because people tend to underreact to new information; then fear of missing out kicks in, people get anxious and overreact. This creates fantastic opportunities for both momentum and value investors.
  5. The stock market tries to be forward-looking. Sometimes, it is spot on in predicting the future. Sometimes, it even impacts the future. Other times, it ends up very wrong and prices events that will never happen.
  6. Intrinsic value is overrated. In 2018, a rare 1793 penny was auctioned for 300k. You can take this penny and go to the supermarket and you can buy exactly a pennyworth of food there. Or you can tell a good story and auction it for a lot more. Supply and demand, which depend on perceptions and expectations for future gains are often more important than any fundamentals.
  7. Prices change when expectations and perception change; the latter can change for many reasons, including price action.
  8. Early adopters (trendsetters) usually sell early and end up making as much or less money than people who hop on already established trends.
  9. Every trend needs skeptics and doubters; otherwise, there won’t be anyone left to buy.
  10. Buy and hold forever doesn’t work with most individual stocks. Most trends eventually end. Have an exit strategy.
  11. In trading and in life, sometimes being wrong is not a choice, but staying wrong always is. Cut your losses, cut your losses, cut your losses, so you live to fight another day.
  12. There should be a very clear distinction between trading and investing. Long-term investing is essentially a bet on how other people’s perceptions will change over time. It is about answering the question What are the catalysts that will change market’s expectations? Trading is about understanding the constant cycle of range contraction and range expansion, it is about taking asymmetric bets where you risk a little to make a lot, it is about adapting to changing markets.

Stocks Showing Relative Strength – HTGM, UPLD, NUS, QDEL

If a high-beta stock doesn’t correct with the rest of the market, it is because it is under accumulation. Stocks under accumulation tend to do very well when the market pressure is lifted.

If you believe in the notion that relative strength is a great equity selection tool during market pullbacks, consider adding the following stocks to your watchlist: HTGM, UPLD, NUS, QDEL.